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How to Spot a Racist/White Supremacist in the Heathen Community 101


[TW: racism, white supremacy, nazism, links have references to death, violence, assault]

Note: Please be sure to heed all trigger warnings in the links provided. Seriously, there’s some seriously gross racist shit in here.

Since racism and white supremacy are big issues in Heathenry (well, there are plenty of issues with Heathenry, this is just the one everyone thinks of before every other issue) here is a handy guide to spotting racist symbols and language. 

Please note, much of the material in this post is already on the Grumpy Lokean Elder’s tumblr, which I am using with his permission.


18 - This stands for “Adolf Hitler” (A = 1, H = 8)

14/88 This refers to the “14 words” of racist David Lane (“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.”) and the 88 refers to his 88 precepts. The number 88 is also associated with white supremacy because H is the eighth letter of the alphabet. I’ll let you fill in the blanks as to what it stands for (Hint: Heil Hitler)

Odinist While it is important to note that not everyone who calls themselves Odinist is necessarily racist, racists seem to prefer this label over others like Heathen or Asatru (although see below).


The skinhead laces code - In the US, red laces are referred to as “blood laces”.

The wolfsangel - Also known as the “wolf rune”, this has sometimes been mistaken for an actual Futhark rune or a bindrune. THIS IS NOT A GENUINE RUNE, IT’S ASSOCIATED WITH GROSS NAZI THINGS. Again, since this symbol has been mistaken for a genuine rune, some may promote it without knowing its history.

Nazi flag and Nazi swastika - I probably don’t need to explain these, but here are links to pictures (via Wikipedia). Obviously, use of these symbols probably mean that this is a site/book/whatever you want to avoid.

Heathen Symbols Co-opted by Nazi Scum

Some runes, primarily sowilo (which is used to form the Nazi “SS” symbol and algiz have been co-opted by neonazi and white supremacist groups as has the sun cross. Please note: many people use these perfectly normal runes in magic and ritual. I’ve seen the sun cross (also known as the equal armed cross or sun wheel) used in books about Wicca, and it’s also used by Vanatruar (where it symbolizes, surprise, the sun). It is entirely possible that some folks may see these symbols and assume you are a racist scumbag.

I repeat: the runes listed above are a perfectly normal part of any Heathen’s practice, just be aware that neonazi scum have co-opted these symbols and twisted them.

A note about Folkish Heathens. You will often here (mainly from folkish Heathens themselves) that they are not racist. However, in my (and GLE’s) experience, “folkish” more often than not means “racist asshole”. Pay special attention to terms like, “folk soul”, to use GLE’s wording:

“…which was an invention of the Romantic period (particularly in Germany) to attempt to instill a sense of nationalism. Absorb that fact and think about all the things that happened as a result of German nationalism.”

(Source here.)

Organizations to Avoid

If you’re the kind of person who really doesn’t want this kind of racist grossness in your Heathenry, I would strongly recommend staying away from the Odinic Rite and the Asatru Folk Assembly especially, for reasons outlined at the bottom of GLE’s post on the Nine Noble Virtues.

For an excellent analysis of McNallen’s racist bullshit, please see this link from The Liberty Lamp (it’s a four part series).

Heathenry, Privilege, and Oppressive Bullshit

It’s important to note that no tradition in this racist, sexist, homophobic society is ever 100% free of oppressive ideas and language. Unfortunately, even the most well-meaning Heathens can be racist, or sexist, and it may not be on the same level as any of the orgs and people I discussed above. Heck, the very fact that I’m writing a post like this is a mark of my own white privilege, because, ideally, you should all be listening to the POCs and the like who complain about this shit every day.

I’m digressing a bit. My point is that (at present, at least) racist assholes exist. Hopefully this will serve as a guide for avoiding the most egregious examples of racist asshattery.

For more information, here are links to all the GLE posts I referenced in this:




If you have any questions or comments, please send me an ask.

If you are a racist asswipe, kindly fuck off, and get the fuck out of my religion.

Please feel free to spread this around. People need to know that not every Heathen/Norse Pagan/Norse polytheist is a racist asswipe, and people also need to know about these symbols.



I have officially decided to curse the misogynistic, cheating, disgusting doctor I work with because

1. He cheated on the girl that he cheated on his wife with. And he cheated on her with a woman who was already married

2. He consistently calls me “darling” or “sweetie”. Ick.

3. Two weeks ago, he told me I looked too ” frumpy”.

4. Today, he told me I looked too “skanky”.

5. He got his current girlfriend pregnant, and when he heard she had a miscarriage, he was happy. HAPPY.

6. He told me he likes dating Asian women because, and I quote, ” they have no morals”.

Any recommendations for an appropriate curse would be greatly appreciated. I never thought I would curse anyone, but this guy has crossed the line too many times.

I have a few good ideas for that.

Witchcraft NOTES


Add a bit of alcohol solution to the glasses of water you offer to spirits if you do that. 

Just a few drops, preferably something drinkable and hot like vodka, rum etc. Or a cologne.

On a spiritual level, it gives spirits additional heat and power to work with.

On a physical level, it helps keep the water cleaner.

I use to do it, and then stopped for a while, because I didn’t have access to an afforable source I felt comfortable using.

And then I began doing it again, and the difference is quiet noticeable for me.

Florida water is quiet inexpensive to purchase, and lasts a while as you don’t need much in formulas and such.



so since valentines day is coming up and since february 14th this year falls on a full moon i thought it would be a good time to cast a powerful sea witch love spell.  small warning, this spell is not intended to be light or peaceful, this spell harnesses the power and intensity of the ocean, tread carefully.

what you will need:

  • 1 jar of sea water, for full effect but for a lesser effect or for the landlocked sea witch, salted water is fine.
  • 4 pink candles, 4 red candles, 8 candles to represent the planet venus, pink and red to represent love and passion.
  • a small bowl filled with rose oil
  • a shell that calls to you and represents love or blessing, angel wing shells are good for this purpose but sea witches often have shells that mean different things to them, use whichever shell calls to you the most. (alternatively for this same purpose if you would like to use this as a revenge love spell you can use a shell that represents pain)


  • it is always good to take a salt water bath before you perform such a powerful love spell,to cleanse yourself of any bad energies and to be at one with the ocean.
  • place everything as shown in this diagram, pink representing pink candles, red representing red candlesimage
  • sit inside the triangle, light all of the candles.
  • take your rose oil, say your lovers name twice then dip your finger into the oil and put it on your lips, say their name one more time then pick up your shell, kiss it and drop it into the jar. seal the jar tightly and leave it on your mantlepiece, alter or somewhere very visible until the next full moon.
  • you may tip the water into the garden after the spell is over

"To Strengthen a Bond," Candle & Cockle Clam Sea Spell


A simple sea spell to help strengthen an existing bond between you and another. Be that of a friend, family member, or a significant other.

Please do not do this with a person in mind whom you don’t share a bond with. Nor should this be done for someone you do or have had a bond with but doesn’t want the bond between you two anymore.

If you feel that this spell led to an unhealthy relationship between you and another person, break ties with you and that person, take the shells apart and get rid of the wax. It’s important to focus on good, positive vibes between you and the other person(s) involved while doing this.

Please also always be careful when working with candles! Never leave a lit candle unattended, and don’t do this spell near any flammable objects.


  • Two cockle shells that are roughly around the same size.
  • Three different color candles that are of your own choosing, depending on what kind of bond it is that you want to strengthen. [One of each candle represents you, the other person, and the kind of bond you’re focusing on. For instance, if you want to strengthen a bond between you and a friend, then choosing the color yellow - since yellow is sometimes symbolic to friendship - to represent the bond itself would suffice]. Taper candles, or just using melted wax in general, would probably be best for this.

Read More

Sea-Sorceress’ List of Sea Spells & Rituals


Below is a list of spells and rituals that I’ve written. I’ve only written a few, but am currently working on more and wanted to have a post handy that could re-direct others to my spells if need be. The spells that are listed but don’t have a link attached to them are the spells I’m currently working on or just have an idea for. If you have any suggestions or recommendations to spells that you would like to see me do or help you with, feel free to share. 

Sea Spells

Beauty Spell(s)

Love & Relationship Spell(s)

Health Spell(s)

  • coming soon

Prosperity Spell(s)

Protection Spell(s)

Misc. Spell(s)

Sea Rituals

Blessing Ritual(s) 

Banishing Ritual(s)

Dedication Ritual(s)

  • Dedication to the Sea
  • more coming soon.

Handfasting / Handparting Rituals

  • Handfasting by the Sea Ritual
  • Handparting by the Sea Ritual

Anonymous asked: Hello! I am a beginner at the craft but I feel a strong connection to sea witchery. I live in the city but I am going on vacation, where I will spend a week on the beach. Because I don't always have access to the beach, I was wondering if you could recommend a list of things to collect while I am there? Thank you<3


Hi there! Hope you enjoy your visit to the beach. Here’s a few things you could collect to get you started:

  • Sand - here's a short list of things you can do with sand.
  • Seaweed - here's a page that shows you how to dry your own seaweed. 
  • Driftwood - possible burnt pieces of driftwood may still be hot, as well as the sand beneath it. Please be careful and cautious when doing this.
  • Sea glass 
  • Starfish - but only if it’s completely dried out; dead.
  • Sand dollars - same as above.
  • Salt water - bring glass jars or any container you have for this.
  • Seashells - this is an obvious one, but the thing about collecting seashells is that you have to be careful what and how you collect them. For one, some places might forbid you to collect seashells or just a kind of one in particular that may be facing extinction. Abalone, for example and to my knowledge, is endangered. Another thing that troubles me with collecting seashells is if there’s an animal still living in one. Even if there doesn’t appear to be one making a shell it’s home, it could just be very well hidden in it. So please, just be careful and respectful. Don’t take a seashell if it still belongs to a little creature. Also, I think collecting seashells during low tide can better your chances in finding seashells.

I think that it’s very important to be respectful when collecting items from the beach. As I’ve already stated, it’s important to check any local laws the beach might have before going out to collect anything. I do think that burning driftwood at some beaches is forbidden as well.

There’s also an answer [here] about collecting seashells, starfish, and sand dollars and knowing how to tell if starfish or sand dollars are alive and if there’s anything living in a seashell or not. Please do not take any starfish or sand dollars that are still alive.

And lastly, when you take something from the Ocean, be sure to give something back. As a sea witch I think this is very important for people to do. [Here's] a list of offerings you could give to the Sea to give you a general idea. It is also important to never leave any trash or harmful things when at the beach. If you see some garbage left at a beach and didn't even leave it there yourself, please dispose of it. This is possibly one of the best things you could do for a beach.

For now, this is all that I can think of. I’m landlocked so I haven’t actually collected anything I own from a beach but this is the best way I can answer you.